Thursday, March 27, 2014

Around the House

I made these cool Passports to keep track of all the countries we study. They look so legit. I actually put real passport pics of each of the kids inside.

 Grammy and Baba got Jane a Rainbow Loom and she has not stopped. She can pretty much rainbow loom anything now and she's even made up her own designs- stay tuned for the video tutorials.

This is what I call finger paint for OCD, neat freaks like me...

We ended up with an ice rink in our yard! It's been awesome! Even Ezra goes out for a skate :)

So Many Beautiful Weddings

I was so happy to be at my beautiful friend Tiiu's wedding in December. There were so many handmade touches (including the stamped clay ornament and the super cool backgrounds shown below) that made it Tiiu-ish. I loved every part of it. The speeches were thoughtful,  the music was radical, the food was supremo, all her friends were so much fun, there were a bunch of real Christmas trees so it smelled yummy, her dress was gorgeous, her lashes were unreal...I could go on forever.

So happy to have a friend that loves 
sparkles as much as me :)

Dress Day