Tuesday, January 14, 2014


New Years got a little CRAZY this year...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Joy School

Scarlet made lots of suncatchers for everyone this Christmas.

She is learning like crazy!

This was a cool recipe- just dish soap and cornstarch.

Shadow puppet theatre! I was playing with this by myself, for real. 

We learned about mosaics and Scarlet has been pointing out mosaics she finds ever since.

 We did a weather unit together. This was a raincloud we made out of shaving cream.

She kept a weather record and learned to read a thermometer.

She loves to arrange her things. 

Art Time

Jane has been crafting everywhere she goes. 

Christmas Bells

I made Vanillas for a few people. Vanilla beans and babies smell like heaven to me.


We did a live Nativity and yes, Scarlet rode a giant beaver instead of a donkey. 
Uncle Jared is a cool guy.

I'm so happy I got a picture of Belly with a sheep skin on because I think it lasted about 13 seconds.

Lots of fun new toys from Grammy and Baba

 We have a moose that hangs around our backyard. Scarlet named him "Moocifer"