Sunday, December 22, 2013

This Girl is Wearing Me Out

Scarlet is so fun these days. She makes me laugh the most of all our kids. Today in the car she climbed into Hazel's infant car seat and said, "I don't know why Hazel is crying all the time, this feels pretty relaxing to me."

Flour and baby oil or canola oil makes really awesome sand.

Scribble pictures with Jane.

What's in the box? 

Pippi Longstocking narration

Scarlet loves to set up her "office" all over the house.

Winter Sensory Bucket
 Scarlet made sun catchers for everybody for Christmas. 

Scarlet got all dressed up for Janey's cello concert. We did her hair and face paint.
 She loves winter sports.

 Scarlet teaching Ezra his colors with pompoms.
Scarlet worked all alone for a while on her gingerbread house. 
She's always asking me for a "project" as she calls it.

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