Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Edmonton Life

We've had two woodpeckers hit our front window already. One died and it was so sad. The other passed out until Jane poured water on it, then she picked it up and it came back to life and flew off!

I can't believe the chocolatey-ness. 

I found this one day. Jane is drying Chamomile for tea.

Painting the birdhouses.

Charlie and Ezra

Oak trees have the coolest leaves!

What kind of fruit is this?? Its like an ovally, pear-ish shape?

We have gigantic saskatoon and raspberry bushes all over. It's slightly overwhelming.

This is my favorite tree. It has teeny rose-like things on it that turn into pinecones that look like flowers and short feathery soft needles.

We've found 4 benches tucked into the flower gardens. 

I love looking out the window and seeing Jane prancing around the yard with a basket and books packed in her bag.

We can finally have chickens! We picked up these beauties today. Big beautiful brown eggs.

Ezra, our pretty little girl...

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Elizabeth said...

Life seems kind of perfect doesn't it? Blessings raining down from heaven:)) (Mixed with a few major trials - but that's how we grow isn't it - how we handle both the trials and the blessings informs our future characters!) These pictures make my heart swell!