Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Goodbye to Cardston

 We lived in Cardston for 8 beautiful years then were transferred to Edmonton this year. We were excited to be closer to my family but it was hard to let go of the people we loved there, the temple down the street and Waterton nearby... there's so much we loved about Cardston.
 Our angel friend Jewel had a surprise party for the kids in her backyard. It was more fun than they could imagine ;) She had several thoughtful ideas planned fo them. They talked about it for days- her kindness warmed our hearts forever.

 We spent time with each of our family friends before we left. It was a hectic last week but I decided to forget about all we had to do and just enjoy the time with all the people we love before we go. I love how when we hang out with just one other family there's usually around this many kids in the picture ;)

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