Friday, May 17, 2013


Me, "Scarlet, it looks like you got a sun tan today."
Scarlet, "No, that's just maple syrup sticking to my head."


Scarlet calls in from the porch, "Mom, how does it go, Jesus then President Monson, then Santa? How does it go?"


Me, "Scarlet, what do you want on your toast?"
Scarlet, "Turkey, and honey and chocolate chips."


We were walking under apple trees full of blossoms and we could hear the buzzing of so many bees. Scarlet had just fallen down and she was whiny and tired and crying. Then she stopped crying out of nowhere and said, "Mom, do bees sting ostriches?" (We tell her not to be an ostrich when she's being loud and whiny.)


Timothy said...

I miss Scarwit and I love her a lot. Squish her face off!

Elizabeth said...

I love the funny things Scarlet says - she says them with the utmost seriousness too - you can see it in her eyes. Love her!