Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Alert

Birthday waffles for Daddy.

Scarlet turned 4! Jane made her this fancy birthday hat.

She's a picky eater, but she does love angel food cake.

She got letter beads which turned out to be hours of fun for all the kids.

 Two birthday dresses!

This one is from uncle J.

 Charlie turned 8! He's been preparing for his baptism by 
completing a baptism prep class with Tim and I. He loves to come up to our room Sunday evenings for some alone time but he can't stay too long because Jacob misses him and 
can't sleep until he comes back.
Grammy and Baba got him a Kobo. Fun!

I made a healthy carrot cake. 

We of course got him a suit for his baptism. Scarlet gave him her stuffy and Jacob made him some cool pin buttons and Jane gave him all her money she's saved up!!

The highlight of Charlie's day was that he caught a fish on his birthday!! He was the only one out of 13 people that caught one ;)

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