Friday, May 31, 2013

Catch Up

Felt Birdies made by Jane

Jane taught herself to blanket stitch and then whipped up these little birdies. She has such an attention span for these kinds of projects.
She also made a few of these safety pin bracelets. Cute.

We did the rice experiment for a FHE about Kind Words. It's actually pretty funny talking to rice. When the kids are all outside and I'm alone I feel like a weirdo. 

These guys are crazy about Gopher Hunting.

Sickest thing I'ver ever seen.

We wrote letters to famous people. This is Charlie mailing his to JK Rowling and 
Jane wrote to Yo Yo Ma.

I was talking to Scarlet about caterpillars and butterflies and Jane overheard us and says out of nowhere, I know where some eggs are. She flew out of the house and came back in like 4 minutes with these little red eggs on a blade of grass. Why in the world did she know where eggs were? I'd have no clue where to even look.

Monday, May 20, 2013


I finished knitting a cocoon for our new baby. It was so easy! I know it's not very girlie but I couldn't resist the turquoise and the brown has sparkly gold in it. Can't wait to put a snuggly new squishy biscuit in here ;)

Watermelon Time

Ezra likes the Beazer Hole too. Gonna miss this place!

Little froggy sensory tin. He played with it for an hour while we read Little Britches on the porch.

All my kids love frozen strawberries.


I got wildflowers for Mothers Day and some fancy crafting from Scarlet and Jane. So beautiful!! 

Friday, May 17, 2013


Me, "Scarlet, it looks like you got a sun tan today."
Scarlet, "No, that's just maple syrup sticking to my head."


Scarlet calls in from the porch, "Mom, how does it go, Jesus then President Monson, then Santa? How does it go?"


Me, "Scarlet, what do you want on your toast?"
Scarlet, "Turkey, and honey and chocolate chips."


We were walking under apple trees full of blossoms and we could hear the buzzing of so many bees. Scarlet had just fallen down and she was whiny and tired and crying. Then she stopped crying out of nowhere and said, "Mom, do bees sting ostriches?" (We tell her not to be an ostrich when she's being loud and whiny.)

Sunday, May 12, 2013


This is my last pregnant picture. I still have 7 more weeks to go but then I'm done FOREVER. 
Six kids in 9 years. Good grief, I thought it would never end.


We had a Passover with some of our favorite friends. I'd been wanting to have a Passover with my kids so they could learn about it, but I'm so glad we waited so we could share it with friends. 
We had a few learning activities.

Check it out, an inflatable Pharaoh ;)

 Rachael made the most beautiful meal. It was heavenly- soups, salads, hummus, a stuffed chicken...

 We had a trinket for each plague to make up goody bags.
Jars of plagues.
 The highlight for me was the mini concert at the end. I was so inspired by their boys' musicality. They were brilliant. I was grateful my kids were able to see what hard work can do.

Face Painting

These guys are sick of me practicing on them. 


Ezra says "mama" now. It's been "dada" for a while.
He had his first haircut on April 19.
He loves to dance.
He's super cuddly. Perhaps our cuddliest.
He loves to play with bouncy balls.
He extra loves to be outside.


The kids finished up their Hero Journey class. This was the class description:

"This is a class based around J.R.R. Tolkien classic book "The Hobbit." We will discover lessons that teach principles of how to be effective learners/learning hero's.  The following topic's will be part of our discussions: receiving a call / developing the desire to learn/serve, dealing with border bullies and roadblocks, finding and recognizing strong mentors, gathering skills and tools, accepting challenges, learning new lessons, mentoring  and serving others."

 It was perfect timing for us because we had read the book last summer so the kids 
were already into Hobbits.
Some of the fun stuff they did was write in these neat journals, make cookie spiders, make necklaces out of old keys, and found out their hobbit names, 

 After the Hobbit lesson the class got to walk over to gymnastics. 
This is how Jacob does his dot to dots now. Spread out, two at a time! 
Some go as high as 6000 dots! Not bad for a Kindergarden kid.
 I wish these two enjoyed math as much as Cubby. I try to come up with math games to make it interesting for them but it barely works.


Our birdies laid two jelly bean sized eggs.

 We filled the kiddie pool with Easter grass for Ezra to play in. He wasn't sure at first.
After having the kiddie pool out the kids asked if they could sleep in it one night. They all piled in with their books and had a sleep over. They said it was way comfortable but how can that be?

 We spent St. Patricks Day with our pals the Toones and they had the funnest
 treasure hunt set up with yarn.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Alert

Birthday waffles for Daddy.

Scarlet turned 4! Jane made her this fancy birthday hat.

She's a picky eater, but she does love angel food cake.

She got letter beads which turned out to be hours of fun for all the kids.

 Two birthday dresses!

This one is from uncle J.

 Charlie turned 8! He's been preparing for his baptism by 
completing a baptism prep class with Tim and I. He loves to come up to our room Sunday evenings for some alone time but he can't stay too long because Jacob misses him and 
can't sleep until he comes back.
Grammy and Baba got him a Kobo. Fun!

I made a healthy carrot cake. 

We of course got him a suit for his baptism. Scarlet gave him her stuffy and Jacob made him some cool pin buttons and Jane gave him all her money she's saved up!!

The highlight of Charlie's day was that he caught a fish on his birthday!! He was the only one out of 13 people that caught one ;)