Sunday, March 3, 2013

Catch Up

I got a picture of this because I caught Scarlet rolling in the snow- which isn't like her :)
Scarlet has been making me laugh so much lately. Conversations such as this:

Scarlet in church today, "Mom let's play I spy."
Me, "Sure, you go first."
Scarlet while staring right at the clock on the wall which is brown, "I spy something that is brown."
Me, "The clock?"
Scarlet, "Nope."
Me, "What, I just saw you look right at it."
Scar, "That's beacause I wanted to know what time it is."
Me, "Then what is it?"
Scar, "Your face. Your face is brown."

In this picture she is working on her counting. We decorated this egg carton together and then wrote 
1-12 on the bottom of each egg space. She puts the corresponding amount of buttons in each one. She loves picking out the buttons. She has become so much easier lately. I guess she's growing up a bit which is good timing. Hold on, except for when she was messing around with a full jug of salsa and dropped it, causing an explosion. As in salsa on the ceiling, all over the curtains, walls, table, every square inch of the room...

She has a magnificent witch cackle.
She loves to lay on the furnace with her blanky and falls asleep there regularly.
One more conversation:

Me, "Scarlet, I love your curlies! I wish I had curly hair like you."
Scarlet, "You can mom, I can make it curly, I just need a fork."
Me, "What do you need a fork for?"
Scarlet, "So I can just twist your hair up, like spaghetti."

Jane has 3 cello pieces ready for Festival. She is so independent about her music. 
I don't help her with any part of it besides the rides, but I sat and listened to her practice today and it blew me away. 
She's going to do a marvelous job!

 Tim is totally into hunting these days. It's really weird. 

 These guys went to see Annie at the Cardston Live Theatre. They came home very inspired.

This was a handy dandy contractions lesson. The kids actually got into it, I was kind of surprised.

Ezra has been walking for about a month now. He works very hard each day- dumping and pulling and messing and spilling and throwing...

 These guys LOVE going to Wendy's (our facilitator) house every week. She does all sorts of fun things with them. Last time they came home with these homemade puppets they sewed. Charlie's snake even has a rattle sewn into the tail.

I LOVE these next two pictures. 
I swear on my life this is how I found these two reading on two separate occasions. 
What's going on around here?? Goggles and tuques??

I also found Charlie perched on his drawers in the closet while talking to his pal Brady. Who knows how long they'd been talking.
Charlie put a huge sheet over the sewing table and put a sign on it that said "Office". He then started disappearing for long spans of time into his office and wouldn't let anyone see inside. He was working on presents for all of us. The next thing I knew, all the kids had their own private offices, in various places around the house. It was great. They were no where to be found and quiet- have your kids play "office", I highly recommend it.
Another thing Charlie did was make a long piece of paper like a measuring tape, only it had adjectives written the whole way across it instead of numbers. That way, when he measured all of us he could read the measurement and label us with descriptions like smart, or chubby, or "perfect in every way" (which of course was written on his height mark), or punctual or loud, or lonely etc. Some of them really made me laugh.

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