Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Walk as Children of Light

 This picture of Jane is so beautiful. This is one of her favorite places to read- perched on the side table in the sunlight.

We started Charlie's Baptism Prep class after Christmas. We get the kids books about baptism and their own engraved scriptures the school term before they turn eight. This way they have a formal way to prepare, and feel ready for their baptisms. Charlie is so adorable at our classes. I love the one on one time with him.  He never forgets Sunday night to remind us about class. I'm sure he likes the staying up later than the other kids part. I have to seriously focus hard so I don't cry the whole time. My heart is going to crack in half when he goes on his mission, I can already tell. 


Amy Stachniak said...

That picture of Jane is stunning. They are growing up too fast! Time for a field trip o the Calgary Zoo so I can see them all and squeeze them and you! Wait til you see my giant baby, he's HUGE!

Amy Stachniak said...
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Kam Belly Soup said...

your kids are amazing.

Lindy said...

I wish you had told me about you special classes at the beginning of the year. Wwe have been preparing Maxwell, who is getting baptized on the 16th of feb, but just by making the devotionals that's part of normal school be about baptism.

I like your idea better.