Monday, November 5, 2012

Jacob and Rocks

Jacob has a fine imagination so I thought the quote below was perfect for this post. He loves to play animals with his siblings, and he really loves making up new games. 

"Are you ready?"  means a lot. It means: "Can you imagine yourself in the part, do you remember the sequence of events can you feel as the character feels, can you remember the kinds of things the character spoke?" If so, then the story is ready to be played out. If the younger hesitates, does or says something "out of character," the older, who has been working on his powers of imagination a little longer, quickly corrects the less experienced member of the family.  

~ Charlotte Mason
I woke up from a nap to find Jacob dancing around in Ezra's pants!

Jacob has been studying rocks this year. 
We found this wood box at the BB- it's perfect for his collection.

We also signed him up for a rock subscription. This means every month a new rock or mineral to learn about shows up in the mail. The first month you get a collectors box and booklet.
This of course is his favorite rock in his collection because, "It looks like a potato."

Jacob legitimately beats Tim at chess sometimes. He is really fast at it and even sets up strategies and stuff. He would play chess ALL DAY if we let him! He's also become quite a Backgammon whiz. He learned at Grammy's and then we found this great little set at the BB ;)

Jacob got to visit his old pal Summer for her birthday. They don't play as much as they used to but he gets just as excited as ever when he does.

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