Friday, September 21, 2012


 I love this picture, because it goes with with our school theme this year:

Walk as children of light.
~Ephesians 5:8

We've been really getting into the Geocaching. It's crazy how all this time there's been treasure containers hidden right under our noses and we never knew it! This is the GPS we bought and it's perfect. It's on the inexpensive end, it has a big screen, it's kid friendly, and it's specifically for geocaching. 
We spent a whole day in Waterton geocaching. It was a beautiful day, one of those days when you think what a shame it would have been to be sitting inside all day.
 Geocaching has been a great way to enjoy this weather while it lasts. I also love geocaching because it's great exercise for the kids, and we find some really cool spots that we never knew about before. It's literally like going on treasure hunts all day. They've also learned all about reading maps, entering coordinates, cardinal directions, and distances like feet, meters, kilometers, and miles. 

This was the prize for finding 5 caches in Waterton. Pretty fancy coin!

This container was really camouflaged good, but Jacob spotted it.

A magnetic piece of street lamp hid this cache. Sneaky.

This is Charlie's second geocache coin so far.

This cache was inside the gate in a magnet box. We couldn't believe we found it.

I loved this hiding spot. Right behind the sign at a busy intersection, in a tiny magnetic tube.

This container was camouflaged with a nest stuck to the top of it.

Charlie and I did this quick hike in the coulees by the U of L while Jane was at her lesson. It was a beautiful spot that we never would have gone to otherwise. Now that we've done so many caches, we are excited to make our own and see how many people come and find it.


Ranae Broadhead said...

what exactly is geocaching?! looks interesting!

Lew said...

This looks like something our boys would love, but I don't get it. Who hides the stuff?

Tisha said...

we did this over the summer with my beehives- it was so fun! they loved creating the treasure to place too! we haven't done it with the kids yet! thanks for the inspiration!