Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scary Snakes

We caught 2 magpies and then a few days later the Charlie introduces me to this DISGUSTING snake he caught. The sickest part was how Charlie had to guard the tub because the snake kept inching up the sides so he'd have to shake it back down. EEWWWW.
 I immediately told him to set it free because it was too close to the house and I was scared we'd find it in our already scary basement. His reply went like this, "But mom this is my dream. I dream about this. Don't you remember my lapbook about snakes."

This is another recent quote by Charlie about his best friend Brady:

"Brady has done no sins to me.
I know he's done sins, but not to me ever.
He's so good mom."

Something I want to note about Charlie is that he loves it when Tim and I hug or if Tim kisses me goodbye on the way to or from work or whatever. He starts oooooh-ing and teasing and then he can't help the urge to join in by snuggling in between us. He's the best kid. Little Ezra looks and acts just like Charlie did when he was a baby, which I am so happy about. 


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Lew said...

Our kids would seriously be best friends! That last picture of Charlie is awesome. Miss you guys!

Timothy said...

Oh Chawlee!!