Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime....

We are trying to get into Geocaching. It's been a steep learning curve for me, but we are working on it. This was our first geocache. We found the cache at the river bottom across the street from our house.
 We just finished reading The Hobbit so the kids made the connection that geocaching made them feel like the dwarves on an adventure to find Smaug and the treasure.
 Charlie signed the log book for us.

Slip and sliding with our pals the Michels. 

We went on a family camping trip to the Crandell Mountain Tipis.
 We've never slept in a tipi before so it was cool to experience that.

 This next series of pictures makes me so happy. We played the dice 
game for lots and lots of candy (which is so exciting for these candy deprived kids) and for some reason Scarlet cleaned house. She won everything with her sweet candy game skillz. 

This is her showing off: 

In the morning we hiked Galloway. It was a great hike. We've trained the older three kids to be hikers but little Scarlet wasn't so sure. That is until we made her the leader... after that she marched all the way to the top no problem. She loves to be in control ;) 


Rachael Spencer said...

Wow,you guys are so adventurous! I don't think you were right when you said you don't leave the house...the tipi idea is so cool! Never heard of that. Also, I too have wondered about the mysterious "geocaching." Good for you for learning about it. Love the Scarlet candy pics--did the other kids try to steal any?

Timothy said...

Scarlet seriously killed us in that game. I love the diaper "mystery" candy best. I was impressed with the kids' persistence on the hike.