Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sumo and Isabelle

Have you ever seen such beauty!
Timmy laughs when we talk about how I never had a sister growing up. He thinks its funny to picture how I'd be with sisters since its so foreign to me. Now that I have my first sister-in-law, I'm realizing  that sisters are A DREAM! I really love it. I especially love when Jenny calls me during the day for a little visit. We're hoping that someday we'll get to live on a giant acreage together... 

Jenny and Eli babysat for us on Saturday and our kids had the time of their lives! Uncle Eli showed them some Sumo wrestling videos, they moved the furniture, and then stuffed their shirts with pillows for the big wrestle... it doesn't get more fun than that.

Charlie said that by the end Scarlet said, "I don't want to be chubby anymore."
Scarlet was in heaven with baby Isabelle around. Before bed tonight she said, "I want Isabelle in our house again." A few nights ago she was talking to me about Isabelle in the
 middle of the night in her sleep! 

Timmy admitted, "I didn't know I would like her this much."

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Elizabeth said...

Sisters and daughters, we were in short supply of both! It's a true blessing to have another daughter too!