Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pointless Post

I don't have a picture but I made great bread today and it was a miracle. Jane was helping me- I was teaching her about proofing yeast and of course it wasn't proofing like it normally does (water too hot? too cold? not enough sugar? old yeast? container choice? who knows). We added hot water to it and I wasn't sure if you can even do that to yeast but apparently it's o.k. The next problem was that this recipe usually makes 6-7 loaves but I didn't have my small bread pans so I had to use 3 large ones instead so I thought for sure these 3 giant loaves wouldn't rise but they did! 

“Kneading is like dancing- most any way you do it will be okay.”

However, making homemade rock candy is not at all like dancing. We tried two different times and 30 gallons of sugar later and no luck. 

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