Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Living Education

I just started this book today. So far its lovely.

"To bring the human race, family by family, child by child, out of the savage and inhuman desolation where He is not, into light and warmth and comfort of the presence of God, is no doubt, the chief thing we have to do in the world. And this individual work with each child, being the most momentous work in the world, is put into the hands of the wisest, most loving, disciplined and divinely instructed of human beings. Be ye perfect as your Father is perfect, is the perfection of parenthood, perhaps to be attained in its fullness only through parenthood... The highest duty imposed upon him, it is also the most delicate; and he will have infinite humility, gentleness, love and sound judgement, if he would present his child to God and the thought of God to the soul of his child."

~Charlotte Mason (1842-1923)
Pioneer in the field of education and educational reform.

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Timothy said...

This stage of teaching and learning from children is consuming and draining. If I am going to wear myself out in something it needs to be focused on the development of my kids. There will be no other time to invest in them and spend time with them and teach them like now for us, when our kids are 8 and below; and until they leave us around 18. Its backwards, in my mind, that when dads start their careers, that is when they pay their dues to move up and progress professionally. The genius would work as little as possible to earn sufficient for his and his family's needs so that the true work of developing solid and moral characters could receive the appropriate attention. I guess we each have to work that one out. But don't get me mad about this, oh, don't even.