Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Week Down

I thought the first day would be a good time to make some learning rules. We made a fun poster and kept the rules positive. I didn't want any NO rules,  but more Yes, do this... The kids surprised me with what they came up with. They had super duper good ideas like, "Laugh lots, dance in the living room (which is known to go down around here regularly, and use our Imaginations."
 Do I look like a professional teacher yet? I'm thumbing through the Wizard of Oz which we are half way through (this one is not totally floating their boats.) I'm not in my jammies so that's progress.

 This was day 2, it was one of those, "Is this really happening?" moments. The room was literally dead silent, including Scarlet. Day 3 on the other hand, not quite as smooth, the word grueling comes to mind. But I learned a lot from day 3, and that's a good thing. I also got some good encouragement from home education friends at the creek, the following day and that helped too. As  a reward for working so hard all week, we had a popcorn movie party on Saturday. We watched Treasure Island together (Timmy wanted to see it because he just read it).
 I got these pattern block pages for Jacob but Charlie loved them. Who knew.
 I'm really excited about this. I wanted to get these kids writing this year so I ordered some fun writing stuff to make it more interesting. I got parchment paper, a feather quill pen, black India ink to dip the feather in, and some wax sticks and a wax seal stamp with a fancy "E" for Eaton on it to seal our fancy letters with. The kids were way into it so it was a success. Gramma and Brady are the lucky winners of the first two letters.
 Jane is totally into embroidery right now, which makes me happy. She sits and stitches like a Gramma, while I read to her. She recently mastered the french know which can be pretty tricky. I found this book for her and we both ADORE it. The patterns are kid friendly and marvelous.

Doodle Stitching: The Motif Collection: 400+ Easy Embroidery Designs


Liesel said...

So are you homeschooling all the kids this year? What about Scarlett? Does she participate or just hang out, as most 2 year olds do.

Kim said...

I'm so impressed!! You guys will have the best year :)

Timothy said...

What a pretty teacher!

Elizabeth said...

Fun!! I knew Charlie would go straight for the pattern blocks, that's right up his alley:))

I love all the the embroidery book. I remember having one very similar to this one, and my grandmother teaching me to stitch. I had iron transfers of patterns to stitch. It's a fond memory of my grandmother.