Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hiking Bear's Hump

Timmy is out of town so the kids and I spent our Saturday in Waterton. The weather has been so lovely and today it was extra lovely- especially for Waterton this time of year.  We got up early, had our pancakes and then made up our minds to hike up Bear's Hump. The kids packed all kinds of things in their backpacks. Jacob's pack was full of toys for Scarlet. Jane had a full tea party set ready for the picnic at the top and Charlie had a book to press plants, and a handkerchief tied around a handful of walnuts.

 Poor Janey got stung by a bee within minutes of our departure but besides that, things worked out pretty good. I was wondering how Scarlet would do, since she's only 2 years old  but by some miracle she walked the whole way up. Scarlet's 2 year speed and my 6 months pregnant speed actually matched up great and the other three just cruised up ahead of us slowpokes. Jacob and Charlie got to to the top and then they both ran down to Scarlet and I to report that it looks, "exactly like New Zealand" at the top. They were so excited about that. Last week we studied New Zealand for Geography so that made my day that they thought of that. Then they ran back up ahead of us again. 

On the way down Scarlet went in my baby pack so I was packing her on my back and a 2 pound fetus on the front- that wasn't my favorite part but its a short hike so we survived.
I couldn’t live where there were no trees — 
something vital in me would starve.
    ~L.M Montgomery 

This is the top of Bear's Hump. 

There were lady bugs everywhere so Scarlet was amused by that most of the time.

Can you see the New Zealand resemblance??

Lady bug up the shirt sleeve.

After the hike we played by the water for a long time. I am trying to maximize this good weather before we get cooped up all winter. Jane especially thrives outside. Every free moment she gets, she's out the door. When we go down to the water she walks way far off by herself and gets lost in what we call "nature-land".

 I love these next pictures of Jacob. He gathered some skipping rocks then went down to the water and found a nice little spot to himself.
 Then he realized he was actually quite tired from all that hiking...
 I like kids that can sleep anywhere- I will take credit for those genes :0)
 The real treat came at the end of our day when our friends found us down by the water. We got to have a delightful visit and it was nice to share the beauty of the day with good friends.

  When truly present in nature.
 We do use all our senses at
 the same time, which is the 
optimum state of learning.”
 ~The Nature Principle, p. 25

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Timothy said...

I'm glad the kids have so much exposure to the outdoors. We would be fools not to take advantage of living so close to Waterton. These experiences get into their souls and shape them a little at a time.