Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Camp

So the kids already posted on this but if I'm going to print my blog off one day as a photo album then I have to double post these things. Jane and Charlie and I had a week getaway together to Medicine Hat. Not exactly a vacation destination but we had a lovely time. Jane was there for cello camp so Charlie and I tagged along and Charlie ended up going to Sports camp too. While they were at camp I did a lot of studying and planning for the upcoming school year- which was nice to have done without interruption for once.

 These top two pictures are on the way there.
We rented the loft of this house for the week.

 First day.
We went to an animal farm and this shot is for Jared because he likes Eeyore.

We spent a couple of days at Echodale park.

We frequented the health food joints around town. 
There was lots of swimming.

This is Jane's recital on the last day. She performed a new piece she learned during the camp.

Jane playing chamber music with the junior orchestra. She got to do all kinds of engaging things like a technique class, theory class, private lessons, music crafts and games etc. They even had a real violin maker come teach the kids about making string instruments and he started making a bow in front of them. How cool is that!

I loved this picture because I caught them doing stretches before their performance. Ha. Cello stretches??

Jane and her spectacular teacher.

She made delightful new friends. 

Charlie made friends with the kids in his group too. At his camp he got to play golf, soccer, water polo, floor hockey, swimming, dodge ball, badminton etc. When I came to pick him up he'd be flushed and sweaty and happy.

This was the Echodale pioneer homestead we visited. 

Charlie's first day.

Charlie's last day.

I have to admit that around the third day we were gone I got a little homesick. The kids were totally fine but I was missing Timmy. I know, I'm an adult! What's up with that?? Needless to say, I was happy to be home. Timmy had a super duper dinner on the table when we walked in, he unpacked the car for me and like always, the house was clean.  He even got me flowers. No wonder I was homesick.

We were especially excited to get home so we could give Jacob the new bike we picked out for him. He's been riding a princess bike for the last year so it was about time!


Jacki said...

I wanna be cool like you and take my kids to cello/violin camp. So cool!!! You are such a fun mom! (And P.S., I'd totally miss Dave on DAY ONE! You're not alone there.)

Kam Belly Soup said...

k seriously you have the cutest family. i just smile and cant believe how many cool things you do. i got a little teary when i saw the spanish lesson post. your such a great mom. k im done sharing my testimony about your family.

sorour said...

Hi sarra,I wish i were your kid instead of your aunt:D -you are the best mom on the world.