Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bubble Snakes and Spanish Puppets

  • Empty water bottles (I suggest stronger bottles, if you use really cheap ones the pressure of the rubber band will cause them to crumble.)
  • Old washcloth
  • Rubber Bands
  • Bubbles (see recipe below)
1. Cut bottom off of your plastic bottle. Cut fabric into a circle large about 2 inches larger than the bottom of the bottle.
2. Put washcloth piece over bottom of bottle and secure with a rubber band. (I suggest using strong bottles as mine were a little flimsy and kept crumbling under the pressure.)
3. Put some bubbles in a bowl and dip washcloth end of bottle into solution. We found less is more here, don’t get it too soppy wet, or it just drips out the bottom.
4. Gently blow into open end of bottle.
If you want to make these super strong homemade bubbles here is the recipe.
  • 1/2 gallon water
  • 1/3 cup dawn dish-washing liquid
  • 3 tablespoons light corn syrup or sugar

                                        Spanish Puppets
There is a cool Spanish lessons website for kids ten and under called Speekee. We signed up and that's where we got the idea to make Spanish puppets for our lessons. Its actually pretty funny watching the kids speak Spanish with a puppet. They each gave their puppet a Spanish name and then they wore them  the rest of the day, even for bike rides.

Charlie Boy

Charlie felted this little bumble bee. He was so dedicated to finishing it and doing a good job.

I found Charlie making a magnet piano. 
Every morning Tim and I laugh because we wake up to him playing Pachelbels on the piano. He must stop by the piano for a go about 15 times a day. We're hoping this habit will rub off on Jane and but its a little unfair since she can't leave her cello out because Scarlet will attack it.

The Beazer Hole

 So this is the famous Beazer Hole. Its a great spot on the creek to swim, rope swing or jump off the bridge. We're always sure to find fun friends there to spend the day with too.

This Saturday we went and it was an important day in Jacob's life because he learned how to skip rocks. He spent 2 hours practicing. I love being there when he has those moments of exhilaration. Its the same with homeschool, when my kids make a connection on their own, I get to be there to share the excitement and I understand why and what they are so thrilled about because we've been learning together.

Scarlet the Wild One

I'm trying to be better about documenting Scarlet's life. She's the fourth, so naturally we don't take as many pictures of her as we did the first few kids. This is a little pirate ship she made at the library program this summer.

She LOVES babies babies babies. Tea party with almonds, raisins and marshmallows and water (all non messy snacks).

Just chill'in at the Beazer Hole our new favorite creek spot.

Sunday morning. Thank you for the dresses Tracie, they are all so cute and we love knowing that Summer used to wear them!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quoting Quoting

I was sitting around the table with my kids having this conversation,

Jane says, "Mom, what is the baddest thing in the whole world?"

Me, thinking this question over and hoping Tim hasn't left for work yet so he can help me.

Charlie, "Is it black pop (Coke), or alcohol or satan?"

We talked about that for a minute and then came the next question...

Jane, "So what is the goodest thing on earth? Is it Jesus?"

Charlie, "No is it the Godhead?"

Jacob, "No you guys, I think its Baba."

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jacob is our Cubby

Charlie, "Mom can your baby breathe in there?" Jacob answers, "No Char, because there's no holes."

Jacob is the gentlest, sweetest boy. He is Scarlet's best friend. He is the most patient with her and he she makes him laugh and laugh.

I caught this Spanish moment.
Tim gives the kids Spanish lessons on Saturday mornings. We've been doing it for 7 months already. 

"Letting your youngest children marinate in this atmosphere of engaged, excited learning is the best way to effortlessly raise relentless learners."
I loved this quote and I totally see this in Jacob. He wants to read and do his math and study bugs ALL DAY! He has a remarkable attention span for his age and a marvelous curiosity. He's a quiet guy. I will often find him alone somewhere reading books or doing a puzzle. He's also my little brown boy (at least I got one).

Sunday Morning

This is the best Tim could do so I could post a picture of my haircut. My eyes are always shut for pictures. I'm starting to not like pictures of myself with my eyes open because I'm not used to it :0) 
A kid on the lap is a strategic way to hide the 14 weeks pregnant bump...

Jane's hair is unreal. Its wild and golden and long and ringlets. 
Scarlet's is exactly the same too, only shorter.

Charlie and Grammy

This is a post from my moms blog about Charlie boy. 
He got to stay at Grammy's and Baba's for a whole week and would have 
stayed for who knows how long if we would have let him!

I haven't posted in so long - but it's been busy with family visits, a fun vacation, and special times with grandkids...most notably Charlie had his special time with Grammie two weeks ago. Here are the incredible traits that I love about Charlie:

He is incredibly optimistic and is interested in doesn't matter what it is (it could be your new handbag, or a star, or a bearded dragon, or a new tree in the yard); it's a trait he shares with his Uncle Mark. Charlie is also fun, and cheerful. He is sensitive to others, and notices he won't be hurting your feelings ever. He has a keen sense of fairness, so you have to be fair, or he will let you know. He is honest, and pure, loves his family, gives so many kisses and hugs...he is game for any activity and for any kind of food. At the Space and Science center, he literally bounced with joy at a ball display that had in front - the joy reached from the top of his head to the bottoms of his shoes. He was vibrating happiness and curiosity! I can't say enough awesome things about Charlie, and I can't wait for his next visit, after Scarlet, Janie and Jacob that be fair:)

Charlie, thanks for coming to stay with me buddy! man shoma ducet daram!!


Bean Museum at BYU. I spent four years at BYU going to school and I never once visited this place and its AMAZING!! It was super fun to see it with the kids.

This display was at the BYU Museum of Art. I loved it because it was HUGE and made out of only books.

While we were at BYU we stopped by this classroom. This is where Timmy and I first saw each other- we had a psychology class together (I only attended 3 times, for the first day, the mid-term, and the final exam... I got a C+). We sat down in there and talked about what we remembered of each other, then I had a nice little cry (I'm pregnant, its not my fault I cry about everything) while the kids were running all over the place. We didn't talk until later on in the school year but when Tim saw me walking with my roommates he used the line, "Hey, I think we had a class together." I of course pretended I didn't remember and the only reason I did remember was because he would sit next to the 70 year old T.A. lady with a beehive hairdo and flirt with her all through class...

Summer Camp

So the kids already posted on this but if I'm going to print my blog off one day as a photo album then I have to double post these things. Jane and Charlie and I had a week getaway together to Medicine Hat. Not exactly a vacation destination but we had a lovely time. Jane was there for cello camp so Charlie and I tagged along and Charlie ended up going to Sports camp too. While they were at camp I did a lot of studying and planning for the upcoming school year- which was nice to have done without interruption for once.

 These top two pictures are on the way there.
We rented the loft of this house for the week.

 First day.
We went to an animal farm and this shot is for Jared because he likes Eeyore.

We spent a couple of days at Echodale park.

We frequented the health food joints around town. 
There was lots of swimming.

This is Jane's recital on the last day. She performed a new piece she learned during the camp.

Jane playing chamber music with the junior orchestra. She got to do all kinds of engaging things like a technique class, theory class, private lessons, music crafts and games etc. They even had a real violin maker come teach the kids about making string instruments and he started making a bow in front of them. How cool is that!

I loved this picture because I caught them doing stretches before their performance. Ha. Cello stretches??

Jane and her spectacular teacher.

She made delightful new friends. 

Charlie made friends with the kids in his group too. At his camp he got to play golf, soccer, water polo, floor hockey, swimming, dodge ball, badminton etc. When I came to pick him up he'd be flushed and sweaty and happy.

This was the Echodale pioneer homestead we visited. 

Charlie's first day.

Charlie's last day.

I have to admit that around the third day we were gone I got a little homesick. The kids were totally fine but I was missing Timmy. I know, I'm an adult! What's up with that?? Needless to say, I was happy to be home. Timmy had a super duper dinner on the table when we walked in, he unpacked the car for me and like always, the house was clean.  He even got me flowers. No wonder I was homesick.

We were especially excited to get home so we could give Jacob the new bike we picked out for him. He's been riding a princess bike for the last year so it was about time!