Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fairmont Hot Springs: Our Warmth Comes Naturally

Charlie prides himself on his bowling skills. He wins every year.

 We had to put all four kids in one bed because we only rented a one bedroom. I promise this is not how we left them when we put them to bed...

 Scarlet is my new camera hijacker.
 We made millions of pompoms with our new pompom makers. Even Jacob could do it.
 More on that later.
 Baking clay is our new thing.

Toadstools, hamburgers, cupcakes, bananas, fishy crackers, watermelon, donuts...

We went swimming every day. 

The climbing wall was the highlight this year. This place was way chill so the kids just strapped in and started climbing all over the place.

 Later they hooked the kids on to this rope hanging from the roof so it was a giant swing. They would have swung back and forth all day if we let them.
 Jane and Charlie are hooked on together.

 Tim makes some killer guacamole these days. He made it a few times for us this trip.

On the way back we saw this. At first we just thought it was a dog on the side of the highway but we turned around just in case and if was a baby cub. We see bears everywhere!

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