Sunday, May 8, 2011


I started thinking about why my mom is cool and I realized I could go on and on forever! 

For as long as I can remember my mom has never said goodbye to me without a hug and an I love you. Seriously, like every 14 seconds of my entire life. That's got to be good for a kids well being. 

She was one of those moms that hated when summer vacation was over and always
 wanted her kids home.

She is a fierce defender of her kids. She was always, automatically on our side no matter what the circumstance.

She's the craziest night owl ever! When I was a kid, I would get up for school and she would still be awake!!

She loves to learn new things. That is why she knows everything. I've never called her with a question and not got the answer I needed. 

She looks half her age.

She learned to speak Farsi fluently so that she could communicate with my dads family.

She knows the stock market like the back of her hand and is good at it.

She gets way in to politics and has educated political opinions (hence the Bill O'Reilly fame).

She is a beautiful gardener.

She's peculiarly optimistic. 

She laughs. a lot. loud. 

She is the one in her family that is constantly trying to keep everyone connected.

She is a flawless sewer.

She can pick paint colors and design a house like a professional.

She forgives people instantly.

She's an artist.

She loves to travel and explore new places and leaves no stone unturned. She's been to the Caspian sea, Tokyo, Persepolis, Germany, Hawaii, Mexico, New York, California... all in one year.

She always wants to try out a new, obscure restaurant.

She's on the brink of cutting edge technology.

She calls and talks to my kids on the phone for literally hours.

She gets into whatever we are into- she went sailing with Eli, she went to a Brett Favre game with Jared in Minnesota and you might even say that she loves Etsy as much as I do now.

 She's a water baby. She lives for snorkeling and she'll play in the ocean for hours.

She is purely honest at all times.

She's my favorite Momma.

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Elizabeth said...

I just found this post; it was so fun to read! Fun to see my funny quirks and 'ways' chronicled by a cherished child (ok, adult child, that didn't come out quite right). It's a view you can't get any other way:) Night owl? Let's see, what time is it? 4:26 am, I've got to get to bed! Love u!