Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Sleepy Babies

Some things about Scarlet, our wildest baby.
She learned to crawl out of her packn'play way back in November, right about the same time she started opening doors on her own and refusing to sit in her highchair (I guess she noticed everyone else gets a chair).

In April, a month after she turned two she graduated to a bed.
She loves black olives, feta cheese and pistachios, fishy crackers, applesauce, pancakes, rice, cucumber and yogurt salad, and pita bread.
She cally Jacob "Cubby" and Jane used to be "Nye" but it turned into "Nunny" and Charlie is "Guy"
She love love loves lotions. One time she got into the Vaseline while I was getting ready and I just let her play with it. The whole jug was smeared all over the floor without a tile missed, then the walls, then my lets, then her whole body... She had the time of her life.

She also loves when Jane put makeup on her. Its about the only time I've seen her hold still for anything.

So we found these little feet sticking out and so we turned the corner to find this...

Scarlet asleep outside her room. But this wasn't half as cool as her friend Kash...

Sometimes a kitchen counter is irresistibly tempting. 
(Tracie, I hope you don't mind I yanked this picture from your blog but its so cooooooool!)

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Liesel said...

love, love, love the picture of your friend's little guy on the counter. That is adorable.