Tuesday, January 18, 2011


On friday we went swimming and then stopped at the only Mexican restaurant around here for miles. One giant plate of Nachos. So good. You have to know that these guys have only eaten out a handful of times in their whole lives so this is unusually exciting for us.

Timmy and I stayed up until 3 am putting this baby together so that Jacob would find it when he woke up on his fourth birthday morning. He was so excited in the morning :0) Yes, the deer head is wearing Charlie's hat from cousin Shane. Yes, the deer head is now out of our house- but only after Timmy hid it in our teeny master bathroom with its head by the toilet. Upon discovering it in there, I of course squealed and woke the baby doing it.

 Uncle Jared got this blanky for Jacob's birthday and the cool thing is, Jacob is named after Jared and they both like to wrap themselves up like burritos with their blankies.

 Jacob also woke up to a big bowl of his favorite... RED PEPPERS. He ate one for breakfast and another throughout the day and few more the next...

Now little miss Jane turned 7 recently too. Jane loves to tell every single person she meets about it and she starts a good week or two before :0)
 I made her this healthy Raw chocolate cheesecake. Its mostly made out of ground nuts. Its heavenly. Thank you Amber for sharing your top secret recipe with me.

 Another birthday suit from Uncle J-dog.

 Mariah will appreciate my organic wrapping here. I got Jane a book about butterflies and a tea ball because she is constantly making tea. Rose petals, lemon, lavender, mint... She loves tea cups and pots and tea parties. She almost loves being sick so she can feel better with tea.

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