Sunday, October 17, 2010

Quotes are Boats

Jane talking to Charlie:
"Prepare your bears and dragons for war."

Timmy after visiting Janelle's laundry room:
"I felt like I was in a movie, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

While Charlie and I were picking apples in my moms backyard,
Charlie says, "Did Baba plant all these trees?"
I answered, "yes, most of them."
Charlie, "So he planted all these trees, built the shed and he's a good cooker?"
Me, "yup."
Charlie, "Is he better than Jesus?"

Jacob out of no where while sitting in the back seat of the van,
"Mom, why did those boys want to live with Peter Pan?"
Me, "Because they didn't want to grow up."
Jacob, "I don't want to grow up."
Me, "Why not?"
Jacob, "Because you don't want me to."

Charlie wrote Matthew in his scripture notebook, "Mathyoo"

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Sarah B said...

those quotes are priceless!! those are some of the funniest stories that get forgotten so well done remembering to post them on here!!