Friday, October 1, 2010

Is she seriously 6 already!

 We did Jane's hair extra cute for church this day. She and Tim and her brothers sang The Spirit of God in Sacrament Meeting.
They all did such a good job. Jane especially sang out and carried her brothers through the song and her dad was relieved he didn't have to sing alone :0) Charlie was super nervous and shy (he's like his mom) but he did it. Jacob was in day dream land. I'm not sure if he even noticed he was in front of everybody. Maybe next time I will join them... I doubt it.


Royall said...

I love that you don't like to sing in front of people either. Matt's ultimate dream is to sing a couples duet in church... with me! It's bad enough as it is to be pressured into his family's songs at weddings/funerals/family reunions but he also threatens me that I will have to sing with them in the Lacombe music festival sometime. That is what I get for being married into the Von Trapp family singers!

tracie said...

your kids really did sound good! i loved charlie! i wish i could of seen their cute faces instead of the back of their heads.

tracie said...
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