Tuesday, September 21, 2010

They really do hop!

Meet Theodore. He belongs to Charlie. Charlie likes to hold him tucked into his coat.

Meet The Lady of Shalott. She is Jane's bunny. Jane's been making all kinds of cardboard homes and tunnels for this Lady.

Never thought Jane would be using this apron Grammy made her for Christmas for this!
This is my new favorite picture.

We turned our treehouse into a bunny hutch. It works great since its waterproof and spacious.

Scarlet held a bunny on her lap in the car all the was to the "faraway mailbox" which is a half hour drive. I saw her twisting the bunny's ears the same way she plays with her own curls when's she's sleepy and sucking her thumb.

The best part has been sharing the fun with our friends.

Jane watched them hop around the yard and exclaimed, "Mom, they really do hop!"

Notice the blue grapes Scarlet is eating. They were sooooooooo good!

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