Tuesday, September 28, 2010

quoting time again

Charlie said, " I have so many things to tell Jesus. But I'm so shy. I know he's way nice. But he likes kids right? I really want to know how old he is and how old his daddy is. And, is this true? Does he help grown ups too? Even 95 year olds?

This is the other thing he said that I want to write about.  For scriptures one morning I taught the kids about the story of Jesus as a boy teaching in the temple. After we had talked about if for a bit, Charlie asked this, "If jesus was really, really good, then why would he do that to his mom and dad?"

Such good questions! 

ok last one. 
Yesterday he said this, "Do you know what I like about Jared? He always brings chocolate pudding for snack." (He's talking about our little neighbor friend that is in his kindergarten class. They walk to school together.) 


Elizabeth said...

I can just see all the facial movements, and hand gestures that went with these thoughts and statements; Charlie is so expressive!

Cammie said...

He is so smart and adorable and his conversations are just wonderful. I wish we lived near you so our children could play! Thanks for posting these precious moments.

tracie said...

i was going to say the same thing as your mom! i can totally see his expression as i'm reading these! i love the first one and i love charlie!