Friday, June 18, 2010

Homeschool is Dangerous

Poor Scarlet can't handle the homeschooling going on around here. Its more hazardous than you'd think. Firstly, a stack of math blocks fell on her head and cut it open (notice the surgical tape in the picture), resulting in a trip to emergency to get it glued back (thanks for the ride Tracie). Next, she got magnetic putty stuck in her hair and we had to cut some of it off. Lastly, she almost ate the head of a baby chick...
Alright, she wasn't trying to eat it, just kiss it. She is still in the open mouth kisses stage and the chick is just so small! So the story is that Jane wanted to learn about chicks for this next school year. We've been getting lots of chicken library books and learning as much as we could without actually having a real one. Then on thursday morning, 25 baby chicks arrived in the mail in a box smaller than a shoebox. Five were for us and the rest were for neighboring farmer friends. We bought an "Omlet" which is a coop for suburban backyard chickens and we are looking forward to our own fresh eggs. But these little chick babies have to stay inside  for a couple of weeks because its too cold outside, which means that the kids have had chicks all over the place- pockets, dollhouses, toyboxes, bookshelves... 

The kids came up with these names, after much deliberation: Peeps, Chirping, Ready, Lullaby, and Chop.

Jane said, "When I rub my chick against my cheek do yo know what it feels like? The Spririt."

The morning before they arrived I had a little chicken lesson ready for the kids. Lately we've been into collective nouns so we learned that its called a "clutch' of eggs and a flock of chickens. Then we learned about training chickens to know a certain sound means treats. We learned about the importance of coop cleanliness and the health benefits of a backyard chicken etc. At the end we talked about the whole pecking order thing. Anyways, this was  few hours before the chicks arrived. They came to the door, and we set everything up and then as we sat and watched them, little Jacob says, "Mom, which one is the boss?" He had somehow caught some of the lesson and understood the pecking order part and was wanting his chicken "Chop" to be "the boss".
Seriously you don't get any cuter.

These two love eachother. They are always cuddled.

Only one of these animals is real.
Charlie set up this shot. Pretty romantic mood for a 5 year old.


Royall said...

Sarra you are the coolest mom ever! I'm taking notes. Also, I can't believe how big your kids are getting!

Serena Cherry said...

This is amazing! Lane and I loved seeing these pictures...of course she really wants chicks, now! :) She is busily preparing a package for Jane in response to the fun package she got last week! Thank you! So fun!